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We, Honest Package Industries ​are a small scale manufacturer in the field of Packaging  catering to exporters of leather and Shoe bag like centre sealing bottom perforation Bags, Textile garment air hole flap with sealking tape and gazette bags, magazine outer cover, Garbage bags,oil pouch outer carry bag,embossed bag,sheet,tube normal HmHdpe,PP, Ldpe Bags, tube,sheets. we strongly believe in honesty in business and we are transparent with the Buyer regard to quality, inputs, time of supply and prices.We selected our name to indicate these things we like to work with the customer pre supply to understand their needs and Choose the correct packing stuff with affordable cost. Our experience taught us an important Things that the market is certainly looking for honest and professional suppliers, who promise the possibilities only.

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CHENNAI-600128 (Near Elakkiya Kalyana Mandapam Behind Balaji Hotel) CHENNAI TN 600128 INDIA.

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